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– Blitz CRM Review

Product Snapshot


Blitz CRM can be delivered as either an on-premise cloud or fully SaaS solution.

Customer Focus

Performance Solutions gears Blitz CRM towards adaptability with any sort of business environment.

Select Customers

HSBC, Nextel, Scotiabank, Banco de la Nacion (Peru), Avianca (Columbia)

About Blitz CRM

- Blitz CRMBlitz is a CRM solution that combines traditional CRM functions with social media integration.

The product’s approach is to be a tool for providing customer service via a “boutique consulting” mode. Business and enterprise users can monitor the progress of digital marketing campaigns with tools that measure ROI, define objectives, and compared actual returns to the metrics defined in the objectives. Blitz’s social media integration allows for easy one-click coordination of social media communications as part of the lead generation and sales process. Existing customers can request product support on any number of platforms, which Blitz will catch and quantify into service tickets.

About Performance Solutions
Performance Solutions is a Peruvian software developer. Founded in 2004, the company focuses on producing CRM solution. In Blitz, their flagship CRM product, Performance Solutions implemented social CRM functionality by integrating the functions of the program with existing social media platforms.

All of Performance Solutions’ products are bilingual with versions in either English or Spanish. The company’s partners include IBM and a variety of local Peruvian technology organizations.

Blitz CRM Key Features

  • Customer engagement via social media communication and contacts
  • Single console for coordination of profiles across multiple social platforms
  • Case management through social media with tagging and ticketing tools
  • Assignment of team members as service agents
  • Tracking of digital marketing campaigns against core objectives
  • Brand monitoring with hashtag and trend tracking
  • Dashboards for visualization of customer support and ticket trends
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