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BlueCamroo CRM Review

Product Snapshot


BlueCamroo CRM is a SaaS-based CRM solution.

Customer Focus

BlueCamroo serves small to midsize companies.

About BlueCamroo CRM

BlueCamroo CRMBlueCamroo CRM is a software suite that combines traditional CRM and social CRM functionality with tools in email marketing, project management and other fields. This CRM software solution can build leads off of user queries submitted to a website as well as automatically send email responses and email marketing built to specific templates. Email campaigns are customizable in terms of scheduling single-shot vs. multi-drop sends.

The project management side introduces detailed tools for tasking and internal messaging. A project template tool enables managers and departmental talent to work smarter and not harder by eliminating the need for redoing preliminary and planning-stage work.

About BlueCamroo
BlueCamroo was founded in 2008 to create SaaS solutions for the CRM and project segments. Since then the Canada-based company has developed a full suite of business software solutions, all on a cloud-hosted platform. Its core suite has branched out to various services including Email Marketing, Team Collaboration, Customer Support, Time Tracking, and Billing and Payment Collection.

The company’s name is derived from an imaginary combination of a camel and a kangaroo.

BlueCamroo CRM Key Features

  • One-click opportunity to project conversion
  • Project/scheduling automation
  • Task dependencies
  • Document versioning
  • Tracking and reporting time
  • Event scheduling
  • Document sharing
  • Internal team messaging
  • Email integration
  • Social CRM metrics tracking
  • Lead capturing, distribution, qualification, nurturing and profiling
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