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– Buddy Media BuyBuddy Review

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Buddy Media BuyBuddy is SaaS social ad management software.

Customer Focus

Global advertisers such as Johnson and Johnson, Virgin Mobile, Target and more.

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About Buddy Media BuyBuddy

- Buddy Media BuyBuddyBuddy Media BuyBuddy is a SaaS social ad management software that allows you to create targeted ad campaigns, use multi-variant testing to find top performers, track conversions to find the right ads and demographics, improve campaign content using Facebook Insights, and see data trends and campaign results in real-time.

About Buddy Media
Buddy Media is a SaaS social enterprise company providing brands and agencies with the necessary tools to drive social marketing and increase user engagement. Buddy Media’s data-driven, customer insights social media marketing suite helps you build the right relationships and make connections.

Buddy Media BuyBuddy Key Features

  • Build, track, optimize, and measure Facebook ad campaigns
  • Improve campaign content with Facebook Insights data
  • Conversion tracking lets you pinpoint the ads and demographics that perform best
  • Pinpoint the ads and demographics that perform best with conversion tracking
  • Create powerful ads using multi-variant testing
  • See meaningful data trends and real-time campaign results

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