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Cartaro Review

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About Cartaro

Cartaro Cartaro is a web mapping software solution designed to integrate geospatial components such as PostGIS, GeoServer, GeoWebCache and OpenLayers into the user’s existing content management systems. The platform is designed to run light-weight SDI systems, and provides companies with spatial data storage with true geometry data types.

The software facilitates data publishing with integrated maps, map layout and behavior configuration and symbol styling. Additionally, the platform enables users to create data types from within the Drupal GUI and publishes data through OGC standards-compliant web services including WMS and WFS.

About the Company

Cartaro is headquartered in Germany.


Cartaro Key Features

  • Provides content publishing workflows
  • Content revision moderation tools
  • Metadata collection functionality
  • Spatial query and analysis tools
  • Geospatial data online editing functionality
  • Transparent privilege handling and security measures
  • Spatial data stored as geometric data types including point, line and polygon
  • Ensures data integrity
  • Designed to use map layers from external web services or from internal GeoServer
  • Publishes images or vector data


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