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Aptean Factory MES Review

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Platform is an on-premise solution.

Customer Focus

Vendor works with mid to large-sized manufacturing businesses with factory operations.

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Bay Valley Foods, Berner Food & Beverage, H.J. Heinz Company, Lakeside Foods, Litehouse Inc., Natures Way Foods, Nice-Pak International, Windsor Foods

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About Aptean Factory MES

Aptean Factory MESAptean Factory MES is a fully featured manufacturing operations management suite. The platform allows users to work with a set of modules that improves productivity on the factory floor.

The software provides businesses with tools to manage production planning in real time and improve factory processes by presenting relevant business data in a timely manner so that immediate action can be taken when needed. Additionally, the platform allows companies improved visibility and transparency throughout plants and within daily operations.

About the Company

Aptean was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Alpharetta, GA.


Aptean Factory MES Key Features

Performance Module

  • Gain real-time OEE measurement
  • Ease user adoption rates with an intuitive “ATM” style operator interface
  • Use pre-defined workflows for startups and changeovers
  • Enhance regular review points with an inbuilt performance review framework
  • Ensure compliance in tasks and scheduled checks with automated alerting
  • Use packaged OEE metrics, such as Rate, Yield, Utilization at Run/Line/Plant Level
  • Track cost-per-unit at the run/line/plant level
  • Review end-of-shifts in real time
  • Get automated production data from sensors that include operator context
  • Deliver daily performance review metrics
  • Deploy within 6 weeks per site

Constraint Module

  • Provide real time, traffic-lit displays
  • Copy live product flows
  • Review performance with drill-down points
  • Use graphical value stream mapping
  • Leverage in-built throughput capability and balance map dashboards
  • Use the “Theory of Constraints” model
  • Use the Throughput Capability Metric
  • Include constraint intelligence in short internal control review structures

Schedule Module

  • Use a simple graphical planning board
  • Perform scheduling and sequencing based on preference
  • Analyze utilization and create scheduling scorecards
  • Model and schedule with sub-contract manufacturing and co-packing
  • Model by-products
  • Analyze attainment (plan vs. actual)
  • Create what-if scenario analyses
  • Manage dynamic alerts
  • Integrate with ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle, Ross Enterprise, and more

Quality Module

  • Perform quality checks by product, line, and asset
  • Get real time alerts to checks
  • Audit SKU/product
  • Perform root cause and non-conformance analyses
  • Carry out corrective actions
  • Improve positive-release cycles
  • Enhance visibility into yield and waste losses
  • Perform start-up checks, area functional checks, re-works, retests, end-of-line compliance checks, end-of-run checks, and end-of-shift checks

Improve Module

  • Repeat and transfer improvement initiatives across the plant network
  • Implement within 2 weeks to improve ROI
  • Get real-time intelligence and action alerts to improve compliance
  • Use standardized improvement templates built on best practices
  • Identify long-term improvement patterns
  • Find capital investment priorities
  • Implement new performance targets

Maintenance Module

  • Automatically generate real-time maintenance work orders
  • Look up maintenance spare parts and generate online purchase requests
  • Easily maintain job pick-ups
  • Look up asset histories immediately
  • Gain a single point of access with intuitive touch screens
  • Use pre-configured metrics, such as Mean Time to Repair, Mean Time between Failure, and Asset Lifecycle Costing
  • View maintenance response times in real time
  • Perform automated maintenance checks
  • Integrate with standard Enterprise Asset Management systems

Analytics Module

  • Use manufacturing performance metrics
  • Create immediate online inquiries
  • Use analytical tools to view drilled down and “slice and dice” data
  • Monitor average performance at the run/line/SKU level
  • Use pre-built analysis templates that cover areas such as Mass Balance, Labor Efficiency, Capacity Opportunities, Rejects and Waste, Downtime, Cost per Unit, Changeovers & Start Ups, and OEE

Platform Module
  • Capture, manage, and manipulate plant data
  • Enable abstract data modeling for plant floor collection components, middleware processing and communications, reporting services, and more
  • Use viewers to gain a site-wide factory intelligence visualization
  • Easily share data with a standard toolkit for integration

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