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– Citrusleaf Real-time No SQL Database Review

Product Snapshot


Database system that can be run on Linux and ported on other server operating systems.

Customer Focus

Small to Enterprise-size

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Based on the volume of data in terabytes and the number of datacenter locations.

About Citrusleaf Real-time NoSQL Database

- Citrusleaf Real-time No SQL DatabaseCitrusleaf NoSQL Database provides users with the tools to create scalable applications on a three-layer architecture that is made up of a Client layer, Distribution layer, and Data layer. The database gives developers the opportunity to focus on key tasks for cluster configuration and manage them with a variety of languages including C, C#, Java, Ruby, PHP and Python. The platform’s distribution layer maintains optimized cluster node communication and replication within the various modules. Finally, the data layer is composed of policy containers called ‘namespaces’ and storing factors such as DRAM.

Founded in 2008, Citrusleaf is headquartered in Mountain View, CA. Citrusleaf is backed by Alsop Louie Partners and Draper Associates, among others. In 2011, the company was a finalist for the TiE50 Award in the Software/Cloud Computing Category.

Citrusleaf Key Features

  • Flash-optimized architecture
  • 200k transactions/second
  • Real-time Big Data apps
  • 24/7 support
  • Operates on Linux
  • Implemented with APIs
  • RDBMS system
  • Replication factor

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