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– ClickClaims C2Doc Document Manager Review

Product Snapshot


The setup fee starts at $750, and each claim setup starts at $2 per claim.


ClickClaims C2Doc is a SaaS solution and requires no additional hardware.

Customer Focus

ClickClaims works with insurance companies of all sizes.

Select Customers

MP & Associates, Nomad Adjusting, CatManDo, Reed Insurance Adjusters, North Coast Claims

About ClickClaims C2Doc

- ClickClaims C2Doc Document ManagerClickClaims C2Doc Document Manager provides users with access to claim reports and documents from any location and is available in two versions. The Lite version provides you with a document management system, a document search engine, and a user administration system. The Standard version does everything the Lite version does and supports the entry of notes and dates. Standard online setup happens within 24 hours, and there is no limit to the number of documents you can upload.

About ClickClaims
ClickClaims is a part of and became operational in 1998. The company also offers a claims management platform, ClickClaims C2Trak.

ClickClaims C2Doc Key Features

  • Online claim document management system that aims to wean your company off of using paper
  • Accessible from any browser
  • Setup occurs within 24 hours
  • You can administrate user roles and access
  • The Lite version comes with a document management system and document search engine
  • The Standard version supports notes and dates entry

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