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– Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Review

Product Snapshot


Cloud9’s solutions are offered on a hosted SaaS basis.

Customer Focus

Cloud9 focuses on servicing mid-size to enterprise-size businesses.

Select Customers

Websense, Avaya, LinkedIn, Brainshark, ThermoFisher, InContact

Customer Case Studies

Websense, Avaya

About Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator

- Cloud9 Pipeline AcceleratorCloud9 Pipeline Accelerator expands on the functionality offered by typical CRM solutions by working to provide access to sales data is nonexistent in other software kits. By simplifying processes and increasing the visibility of relevant data, Pipeline Accelerator can provide insights the lead to higher sales performance.

Data can also be imported from outside applications such as already-implemented CRM and ERP systems. Pipeline Accelerator is fully capable of integrating those outside datasets into analytics relevant to the sales pipeline. Additionally, data like compensation and quota information can even be imported from Excel .CSV-format spreadsheets.

About Cloud9
Founded in 2007, Cloud9 is a business software developer specialized in sales forecasting and pipeline management. The company’s products expand on the level of functionality offered by many CRM solutions, integrating intelligence tools to manage sales performance.

Since its start Cloud9 has acquired $21.6 million in overall venture funding, including several rounds of investment from Leapfrog Ventures. Cloud9’s customers include LinkedIn, Siemens, and Splunk.

Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Key Features

  • Increased visibility of sales pipeline data
  • Pipeline visualization and drill-down functionality
  • Identification of highest risk deals and reasons for risk
  • Bookmark system for actionable information
  • Integration of data from outside applications and files
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