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Cloudera CDH Review

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About Cloudera CDH

Cloudera CDH Cloudera CDH is an Apache-licensed open source distribution platform. Cloudera CDH provides batch processing, role-based access controls, interactive search and an interactive SQL. With Hadoop, Cloudera ensures that data distribution does not discontinue operation when a machine fails.

Hadoop creates a replica of the job assignment and relays the responsibility to the remaining machines. With 80% of the data in the world being unstructured, Hadoop enables companies to combine all their data into one easily accessible form. Companies will profit from having their data available so that they no longer have to make decisions based off assumptions or sift through data flows of the past. Cloudera leverages data from picture files, audio files, emails, and much more. It is also flexible in that it enables companies to add capacity without worrying about the struggle of incorporating new storage.

About the Company

Cloudera was founded in 2008 and is headquarters in Palo Alto, California.


Cloudera CDH Key Features

  • Parallel processing
  • Support and professional services
  • E-tailing
  • Financial services such as credit score and trade surveillance
  • Government protection such as fraud detection
  • Merchandising and retail analysis
  • Price optimization and customer loyalty
  • Analysis of web and digital media
  • Everyday reliance
  • Acceleration of CDH employment


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