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– Column Case HR Review

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Column Technologies works with medium-sized and enterprise companies.

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Column Case HR

- Column Case HR Column Case HR is designed to maximize HR staff productivity and to provide employees with self-service options. With the Knowledgebase and Self Service modules, the software gives employees answers to commonly asked questions and allows them to submit requests to HR. The HR Help Desk module provides HR with dashboards and reports that provide high levels of employee information transparency and lower the response time to HR inquiries. The reports and dashboards use data from the software’s Business Intelligence module, which provides accurate data from all across your organization.

About Column Technologies
Starting in 2005, Column Technologies has been providing software solutions to customers around the world. The company is headquartered in the United States and has additional offices in Singapore, Australia, Canada, India, England, and South Africa.

Column Case HR Features

  • HR system that empowers employees and raises HR staff productivity
  • Workers can find answers to commonly asked HR questions from the Knowledgebase portal
  • HR staff can customize the Knowledgebase portal
  • The self-service modules allows workers to submit and track HR inquiries
  • The HR Help Desk module gives HR the tools and data to respond to inquiries quickly
  • HR staff can view reports and dashboards that display comprehensive data generated by the Business Intelligence module
  • Complete audit trails of HR-employee interactions
  • Streamlines onboarding and offboarding employee processes

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