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Confab Review

Product Snapshot


Confab is available as a SaaS solution that requires no additional hardware.

Customer Focus

The company works with companies of all sizes.

About Confab

Confab Confab is an employee feedback software solution that helps managers coach their employees using a variety of communication tools. Each week, managers can send out pre-written work questions to employees, which workers can review, answer and use to solicit feedback from their bosses. In the event that a manager is too swamped with work, the system can be programmed to send out reminders for employee check-ins.

Additionally, the platform maintains all employee appointments on an online calendar, and managers can set new goals for their workers. Lastly, Confab can solicit feedback from peers during employee review periods.

About the Company
Confab was founded in 2013.

Confab Key Features

  • Managers can send out employee check-ins on a weekly basis
  • All check-ins feature pre-written questions
  • Employees can ask their own questions and solicit feedback
  • Sends out reminders for late check-ins
  • Establishes goals for workers
  • Can solicit peer feedback during employee review periods


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