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Conga Document Generation Review

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Product is available as a SaaS solution that requires no additional hardware.

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Vendor works with midsize, large and multi-national enterprises.

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Aite Group, CollegeTracks, Davies Office, Digital Dolphin, Enovate Medical

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About Conga Document Generation

Conga Document Generation You can communicate critical information and essential data through documents. They knit together your teams and influence every customer interaction. Conga’s document solutions allow you to streamline every document for the greatest benefit and to tailor them to be just what your business, and your customers, need.

Conga’s document generation is the go-to solution for creating beautiful, accurate digital documents using pre-built or customized templates automatically populated with data from Salesforce. Send consistent and personalized documents that elevate your brand and delight your customers.

No matter your industry, your role, or your use case, Conga makes it easy to quickly generate error-free documents and automate processes. Get rid of process roadblocks, eliminate manual work, and remove errors to accelerate business revenue.

Gain additional insights with document notifications and history that increase visibility, speeding up team velocity and business cycles. Add automation to create and send documents en masse or without any clicks based on Salesforce workflow rules. Standardize what you send to ensure you land on-brand, every time.

Deliver documents to your customer as promised, driving success and growth. Document generation software helps you transform your revenue operations process, providing automation, templated document creation, sharing, analytics, and more.

Adapt easily to keep up with customer needs when you effectively manage key business documents like quotes, proposals, contracts, invoices, work orders, shipping documents, account plans, and more.

About the Company

Conga crushes complexity within an increasingly complex world. With their revenue lifecycle management solution, they transform your unique complexities for order configuration, execution, fulfillment, and contract renewal processes with a single critical insights data model that adapts to ever-changing business requirements and aligns the understanding and efforts of every team.

Conga’s approach is grounded in the Conga Way, a framework of entrepreneurial spirit and achieving together to champion their 11,000+ customers. They’re committed to their customers and to removing complexity in an increasingly complex world. Their solutions quickly adapt to changing business models so you can normalize your revenue operations.

Conga has global operations across North America, Europe, and Asia.


Conga Document Generation Key Features

  • Create: Generate documents to address almost any use case in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, .PDFs, or HTML emails, all within the Salesforce UI.
  • Merge: Merge data from standard or custom Salesforce objects or from external data sources.
  • Conditional generation: Conditionally display sections of a document, group data, and calculate formulas according to business rules.
  • Brand: Incorporate professional, complex content such as tables, images, rich text, charts, dashboards, custom fonts, watermarks, and global currencies.
  • Deliver: Deploy flexible delivery options with output files that can be downloaded locally and stored with file storage providers (Salesforce, Box, Google Drive, Amazon S3, etc.), distributed via email, or integrated with eSignature.
  • Workflow: Automatically log activities, create follow-up tasks, and update fields.
  • Automate: Trigger Conga Composer solutions with a Salesforce workflow rule; Batch and schedule Conga Composer solutions.


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