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Contract Logix Contract Management Professional Edition Review

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Vendor offers Group, Professional and Enterprise editions of contract management software VIA SaaS, On-premise Web/Internet or On-premise Client/Server deployments.

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About Contract Logix Contract Management Professional Edition

Contract Logix Contract Management Professional Edition Contract Logix, LLC streamlines the entire contract management process so that users can easily store, create, sign and manage all contracts. Contract Logix software works with Microsoft Word natively, making it easy to track changes and maintain compliance. It also offers a unique set of tools such as full text search, report builder, custom calculation fields and custom alarms/alerts. With Contract Logix software, users will never miss another contract milestone.

The Professional Edition of Contract Logix contract lifecycle management software is perfect for any size business that wants to manage its contract process. If users don’t require all the “bells and whistles” found in an enterprise-level system, the Professional Edition is the ideal solution. This edition comes equipped with powerful features that will help users transform and streamline contract management processes, including advanced reporting, alerts and role-based permissions. Deployment options include SaaS, Web and Client/Server.

About the Company

Contract Logix, LLC was founded in 1997 with a mission to streamline the contract management process. Headquartered in Chelmsford, MA, Contract Logix offers affordable software products, services and managed hosting solutions that serve a wide variety of business customers worldwide across over 50 different industries.

  • All versions include training and consulting
  • Contract management system
  • Customization and automation tools
  • E-Signatures
  • Group, Professional and Enterprise Editions offered
  • SaaS, On-premise Web/Internet or On-premise Client/Server deployment types
  • Works with contracts in any file type


Contract Logix Contract Management Professional Edition Key Features

  • Central repository for all contracts
  • Complete document management
  • eSignature capabilities
  • Standard and custom reporting features
  • Unlimited users at one site
  • Full-text and criteria-based searching
  • Complete, role-based security
  • Comprehensive data collection tools
  • Audit trail and document history
  • Complete training and system consulting


White Papers and Demos

Top 10 Best Practices for Contract Lifecycle Management
White Paper provided by Contract Logix
Contracts define business relationships for companies of any size in any industry. They are the backbone of any organization, which is why managing them effectively is critical to the success of your business. Whether you work in procurement, legal, compliance, risk management, or sales operations, contract management has an impact on your daily life.
Contract Lifecycle Management Software - Defining Your Requirements
White Paper provided by Contract Logix
Today your contracts are more detailed, complex, and variable than ever before. Authoring them requires special skill, negotiating them takes sharp acumen and well-coordinated communication, and successful post-execution management requires constant awareness and due diligence on a variety of compliance issues.
Centralizing Your Contracts – The First Step Toward Efficiency in Contract Management
White Paper provided by Contract Logix
Imagine this scenario: You need a copy of the most recent version of an agreement that is vital to your small business or department. But your contracts are scattered. Some are paper, while some are in .PDF format on someone’s hard drive. You may be facing a deadline and yet you have no idea where to begin looking for the contract.


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