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Coral Business Solutions RealSoft Contracting Review

Product Snapshot

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Platform is a SaaS solution.

Customer Focus

Coral Business Solutions works with companies of all sizes in the construction, trading, real estate and healthcare industries.

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About RealSoft Contracting

Coral Business Solutions RealSoft Contracting RealSoft Contracting is an ERP software with scheduling and project management tools made for the construction industry. The platform allows users to stay within project budgets and schedules with its key modules, which include inventory management, invoicing, and asset management.

The software provides businesses with the tools to manage subcontractors, a document management system and a messaging system. Additionally, the platform allows companies to view reports and information in pictorial and graphical forms and can even be customized as per the users’ preferences.

About the Company

Coral Business Solutions was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Dubai.


RealSoft Contracting Key Features

  • Construction company ERP, project management, and scheduling system
  • Program modules include inventory management, importing, invoicing, HR, payroll, asset management, and accounting
  • Helps user stay within budget costs and schedules
  • Manages subcontractors
  • Supports multiple currencies
  • Internal messaging system
  • Electronic document management system
  • Generates interactive system reports


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