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– Core 7 Officetrax FMP Review

Product Snapshot


Core 7 Officetrax FMP is available as a SaaS solution and requires no additional hardware for installation.

Customer Focus

Core 7 works with retail and restaurant companies of all sizes.

About Core 7 Officetrax FMP

- Core 7 Officetrax FMPCore 7 Officetrax FMP is a web-based application for your field managers and allows them to monitor and review their assigned locations. In the event that there are any problems, your field managers can submit reactive maintenance requests and receive maintenance updates as they come. Additionally, your workers can view site maintenance histories, send purchasing requests and generate reports. The program’s data is in real-time, ensuring that all your field managers are on the same page.

About Core 7
Core 7 was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Ontario. The company services customers in Europe, North America and Asia.

Core 7 Officetrax FMP Key Features

  • Web-based field manager app that monitors their assigned locations
  • Alerts field managers of all problems
  • All program data is in real-time and in sync with all other applications in your network
  • Can submit reactive maintenance requests and view maintenance updates
  • Displays full maintenance histories for assigned sites
  • Generates maintenance reports
  • Can send out purchasing requests
  • Program is highly customizable

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