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CorePartners CoreIMS Review

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CorePartners CoreIMS is available as an on-premise or SaaS solution

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CorePartners works with businesses of all sizes.

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Anham USA Inc, Chugach Alaska Corporation, U.S. Air Force, Washington County, USDA

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About CorePartners CoreIMS

CorePartners CoreIMS CorePartners CoreIMS was designed to address a comprehensive set of warehouse and inventory management needs from inventory initialization through order processing across multiple warehouses. Site, location and status information tracked by CoreIMS allow provide the level of detail required to manage the warehouse efficiently and effectively. User permissions (including item ownership) define access levels. Barcode label printing and scanning allow transactions to be processed accurately and efficiently. Customizable reports deliver shipping and receiving documents, inventory detail reports and operational/management information based on real time inventory data. In short, CoreIMS is an easy-to-use, full-featured, flexible web-based Inventory Management System adaptable to a wide range of applications in business and industry.

About CorePartners
CorePartners, Inc. (CPI) is a high technology computer engineering company that has built a reputation for excellence in custom software development, IT consulting and Internet/Intranet applications specializing in logistics. CorePartners was founded in 1998 and incorporated in 2003 in the state of Maryland.
Our experts have more than 50 years of combined operational experience in warehousing, materials management, inventory control and overall supply chain management.

CorePartners CoreIMS Key Features


  • Multiple warehouses
  • User-defined UOM
  • Simple access control
  • Personal user profile
  • Complete transaction history
  • Ownership for 3PL operations


  • Item availability
  • Receiving order status
  • Shipping order status
  • Back order status
  • Serial number history
  • Date and user stamped
  • 3PL Invoice


  • Against PO/unexpected receipt
  • Partial receipts and unreceive
  • Receipt documents
  • Pallet/container labeling
  • Primary location
  • Return tracking


  • Partial shipment
  • Forward pick locations
  • Order batching
  • Unship
  • Pending shipment
  • BOL and packing list
  • Back orders


  • Item groups and classes
  • Weight and available-to-promise
  • SKU and UPC support
  • Bill of material and kitting
  • Warranty
  • Custom defined fields
  • Item images


  • Cycle count

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