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Corona Review

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Product is available as an on-premise solution.

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USA Cycling, University of Bedfordshire, Unicorn Labs, Tapps, Sophie


About Corona

Corona Corona is an application development software solution that allows users to design games for mobile devices. The program contains the core functionality of Corona Labs SDK, including an extensive API library, built-in graphics engines and a monetization platform.

The system expands on this by providing developer workflows and the chance to add app features written in any native coding library. Users can easily take fully coded features and plug them into games. Lastly, the platform comes with Corona Builder, an optional product that automates the deployment of build updates to all connected developers.

About the Company

Corona Labs was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Palo Alto, California.


Corona Key Features

  • On-premise application development software solution
  • Develops apps and games for iOS, Windows and Android devices
  • Users can code graphics, features and animations
  • Displays visual changes as code edits are made
  • Can add monetization models to in-app stores
  • Customers can check out using most common online payment platforms
  • Comes with access to active development forums
  • Hosts a workflow system for developers
  • Users can add features coded in any native library to games
  • Comes with optional support for automated build deployment


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