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– Coverity Development Testing Platform Review

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Coverity Development Testing Platform is an on-premise solution for enterprise or a free, cloud-based service for the open source community.

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Coverity works with SMBs to large enterprises.

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About Coverity Development Testing Platform

- Coverity Development Testing Platform Coverity Development Testing Platform is an application development software solution that enables companies to develop and build quality and security testing into the software development process. This product is offered as an enterprise solution and is also provided as a free service to the open source community.

It includes quality assurance checking designed to inspire developers to find and fix quality and security issues during the coding process rather than afterward. Coverity provides risk visibility, allowing you to focus testing on high-risk areas for detecting defects early in the coding process. Through development testing, the product aims to shrink testing cycles, improve collaboration, reduce cost and allocate more time to feature development.

About Coverity
Coverity was founded in 2003 in the Computer Systems Laboratory at Stanford University. Today the company serves over 1,100 customers with more than 300 employees worldwide.

Coverity Development Testing Platform Key Features

  • Analyze: Intelligently tests code with a deep understanding of its behavior, criticality and change impact to focus testing on high-risk areas and accurately detect defects often difficult to find through traditional testing.
  • Remediate: Surface quality and security issues in the developer workflow with actionable guidance, to quickly and efficiently manage issues to resolution.
  • Govern: Enforces a consistent standard and process for quality and security testing across the organization, with visibility into risk to make better decisions and release with confidence.

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