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Product is a SaaS solution and requires no additional hardware for implementation.

Customer Focus

Marketing Managers, Customer Service Managers, Customer Service Representatives.

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Hostanalytics, Apigee, Broadridge, Surescript, CSC

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About Demandbase CRM

- Demandbase CRM Through increasing conversions and standardized lead data, Database CRM provides users with more leads and improved lead scoring. In addition, the platform automates account-level information, which results to shorter lead forms and improved lead volume.

Founded in 200, Demandbase is based in San Francisco, CA. Demandbase regularly attends the Content Marketing World convention and is the first real-time targeting and personalization platform for B2B.

Demandbase CRM Key Features

  • Standardized Lead Data
  • Improved Lead Distribution
  • Reduced Duplicate Leads
  • Increase Lead Conversions
  • Automated Data Appendage
  • Integrated Marketing Systems

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