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Digimaker CMS 6.1 Review

Product Snapshot


Digimaker CMS 6.1 is available as an on-premise solution.

Customer Focus

Digimaker works with mid-sized and enterprise customers.

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Digimaker CMS 6.1

Digimaker CMS 6.1 Digimaker CMS 6.1 is a web article CMS that takes a wide approach to content management. To author content, you can either choose to work in Word or use the program’s WYSIWYG text editor and image placer. Once you have your content laid out, the system can then manage your campaigns by scheduling content deployments, tracking campaign statuses, and monitoring campaign histories. Additionally, you can manage your page menus, setup hierarchies for workers and clients, and implement banners. Lastly, Digimaker CMS 6.1 can manage your documents and generate reports on website performance.

About Digimaker
Digimaker was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Norway. The company has certifications from Microsoft, VeriTest, Rosing, and the European Multimedia Associations’ Convention.

Digimaker CMS 6.1 Features

  • Web content CMS
  • Content authoring can happen in Word or in the program’s WYSIWYG editor
  • Can setup content deployment schedules
  • Stores campaign data history
  • Manages your site menus and documents
  • Hosts organizational hierarchies of your clients and workers
  • Supports version tracking for your content
  • Check-in/check-out functionality for documents

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