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DNN Evoq Social Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing

$12,999 a year


Evoq Social can be licensed as a SaaS solution or an on-premise solution.

Customer Focus

DNN Evoq Social targets a range of customers across vertical markets from small private companies to large public enterprises.

Select Customers

Texas Instruments, Time Warner Cable, Novartis, Domino’s Pizza, Chrysler

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About DNN Evoq Social

DNN Evoq Social DNN Evoq Social (formerly DotNetNuke Social) is an integrated CMS and community forum software solution that includes a wide range of features and extensibility to provide a seamless user experience. Evoq Social’s extensive library of add-ons means that you can choose from thousands of existing extensions or develop your own custom extensions using DNN’s Open API. For the social manager, Evoq Social’s intuitive dashboard provides a user experience that makes managing tasks in marketing, support, and product innovation a cohesive process. As your community grows, Evoq will grow along with your business without increasing operating costs. Evoq Content is an alternative solution for web content management from DNN.

About DNN
Founded in 2006, DNN (formerly DotNetNuke Corporation) created and manages the DNN open source project, which is a widely used web content management platform for creating websites and web applications on Microsoft.NET. This platform powers over 700,000 websites around the world. DNN also provides an online store that provides over 10,000 apps and add-ons to enable customers to extend the functionality of the DNN platform.

DNN Evoq Social Key Features

  • Website integration: rather than existing in a silo, Evoq Social allows your community to be seamlessly integrated into your website.
  • Customization: look and feel, module placement, custom branding, and role-based access can be customized on an individual page level.
  • Gamification: a fully functional game mechanics engine rewards users with reputation points, privileges, and recognition. Custom badges, rewards, and privileges can be created and modified.
  • Data Analytics: interactive dashboards provide actionable reporting on the health of your community. Analytics provide details on top users, content and activities.
  • Extensibility: Evoq Social provides a Social API that enables developers to customize the community and query data and build custom modules.
  • Ideation: crowd-source ideas from your community and drive popular ideas to the top of the heap via a “limited supply” voting system.
  • Measuring Influence: identify your community’s influential users. Evoq Social provides canned influence score calculations, while offering the ability to configure customized score criteria.

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