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Docurated Review

Product Snapshot


Docurated is a SaaS solution and requires no additional hardware for installation.

Customer Focus

Docurated works with a diverse range of businesses across multiple industries.

Select Customers

Del Monte Foods, Acquia, The Weather Company, Gainsight, Appirio, Tapjoy

About Docurated

Docurated Docurated is a content management software solution that works with existing content stores to enable your team to find and reuse the most effective collateral using data science and machine learning, and without manual tagging or uploading. This product enables IT to maintain its existing infrastructure while transforming a hierarchical and disparate content system into an accessible knowledge store where content can be instantly surfaced without having to remember where it lives.

About the Company

Docurated is a productivity solution company that enables sales organizations in businesses to surface and leverage the best marketing content for higher quality pitches and faster go-to-market strategies.

Docurated Key Features

  • Helps reps create better sales pitches
  • Creates and stores sales and marketing materials
  • Ensures all content is current and compliant with company policy
  • Provides insights into what types of content are most effective
  • CRM Integration
  • Mobile application
  • Generates analytics on rep and content performance

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