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A license is $199.99.


DYMO File Office is available as an on-premise solution.

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DYMO works with customers of all sizes.

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About DYMO File Office

- DYMO File Office DYMO File Office is a document management solution designed for small and mid-sized businesses. From a single screen, you can scan documents, generate bar codes, select the file output for scanned documents, and name your documents. Additionally, the program features an OCR system that works with the system search engine to make it easy to find documents by text. Lastly, you can setup workflows from one of DYMO File Office’s templates to handle routine tasks, such as organizing and creating files.

About DYMO
DYMO was founded in 1958 and is headquartered in Connecticut. Esselte Office bought out the company in 1978 and began to develop software solutions in 1998. In 2005, Newell Rubbermaid acquired DYMO.

DYMO File Office Key Features

  • Document management system that can help your office go paperless
  • Creates bar codes for automatic filing
  • Can scan documents en masse
  • OCR reader helps convert paper images to PDFs and Office files
  • Document search engine locates files by keywords or text
  • Stores scanning history
  • Carries workflow templates that can be used to setup document and folder creation
  • Automatically orients files when scanned
  • Can handle up to 5,000 documents a month

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