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– Embrane heleos Network Virtualization Review

Product Snapshot



Customer Focus

Embrane can be used by companies of any size in any industry.


Pay-per-use model with no upfront minimal costs.

About Embrane Heleos

- Embrane heleos Network VirtualizationEmbrane Heleos is a Platform-as-a-Service that delivers virtual network services over a variety of cloud organizations. Embrane Heleos is focused on load balancing, firewalls and VPN termination. With Embrane Heleos, the time it takes to procure and provision network services can be significantly reduced. The PaaS uses industry-standard x86 servers and hypervisor technology.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Embrane is backed by three top-tier venture capital firms: Lightspeed Venture Partners, New Enterprise Associates, Inc., and North Bridge Venture Partners. The company was named a Cool Vendor by Gartner in 2012.

Embrane Heleos Key Features

  • Industry-standard x86 servers
  • Distributed virtual architecture
  • High scalability, flexibility and performance
  • Grow/shrink elasticity

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