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– Explorer ezDocs Review

Product Snapshot


The software is a SaaS solution.

Customer Focus

The company is focused on working with construction companies of all sizes.

Select Customers

Mid-City Excavation Ltd, ColasCanada, Durr Heavy Construction, Kent Power Inc

About Explorer ezDocs

- Explorer ezDocs Explorer ezDocs is a construction and document management software solution that provides quick and simple communication between your company’s accounting and document management systems. The platform centralizes files, and structures your documents to provide a single centralized filing system that can be accessed by the rest of you company. The software comes with ezAudit which lets you view, index and print documents as well as ezPDF which let’s you extract documents from ezDocs to be created into PDFs. In addition, the index system lets you locate specific documents by date, location and by author. Lastly, your documents can be routed to your email, team members or coworkers for approval with ease.

About Explorer Software

The company was founded in 1984.

Explorer ezDocs Key Features

  • Integration
  • ezAudit
  • Supporting Documents
  • Lost and Found
  • Powerful Scanning
  • Routing and Approvals
  • Related Documents
  • exPDF

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