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– Fishbowl Inventory Management Review

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Customer Focus

Fishbowl works with small and medium businesses that deal with inventory.

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Spark R&D, BEX Sunglasses, Backyard Adventures, Chung’s Gourmet Foods, Industrial Engine Service

Fishbowl Inventory Management

- Fishbowl Inventory ManagementFishbowl Inventory Management is a QuickBooks add-on that specializes in inventory management for small and medium businesses. Customers who want a comprehensive inventory tool but have purchased QuickBooks can use the Fishbowl add-on to stick with the familiar QuickBooks accounting platform. The add-on saves time and money by generating sales and inventory reports, integrating barcode scanning compatibility, expediting ordering and receiving, and creating packing lists and invoices automatically.

About Fishbowl
Fishbowl was started in Orem, UT during 2001 and has since become the number one requested QuickBooks inventory solution. Most of Fishbowl’s customers use the company’s asset tracking program. Fishbowl has offices in North America and Australia and has a wide product line, including ERP, mobile, and pipeline software solutions. Fishbowl has won a number of awards, including the 2012 B2B CFO Smart Award, 2012 Utah Business SAMY award, and over a dozen more.

Fishbowl Inventory Management Key Features

  • Inventory management add-on module for QuickBooks
  • Works completely within the QuickBooks UI
  • Saves time and money
  • Handles receiving, ordering, and shipping
  • Integrates barcode compatibility

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