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Forte Wares QIWare Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing

Both annual PC and site licensing options are available. Contact vendor for additional pricing details.


Product is available as both an on-premise solution and as a SaaS solution.

Customer Focus

Vendor works with enterprises in financial services, telecommunications, retail loyalty programs, e-commerce, tourism and other industries.

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About Forte Wares QIWare

Forte Wares QIWare Forte Wares QIWare is an analytics solution that delivers a complete suite of capabilities to support end-to-end data mining cycle. Users can build analytics data marts with thousands of columns with the Auto-Mart feature. Databases are scalable with full in-DB calculations. The platform includes a built-in searchable data dictionary.

Users can employ Microsoft Excel for preliminary analysis with QIWare’s XIWare add-ins that feature univariate and correlational analsysis, cross-tabulation, scatter charts and histograms. Such tools are fully integrated with the QIWare database. Additionally, the platform develops fully automated clustering, regression, decision tree, decisionlist and K-NN models.

About the Company

Forte Wares was founded in 2008 in Instanbul, Turkey.


Forte Wares QIWare Key Features

  • Extract, transform and load
  • Preliminary data analysis
  • In-DB data processing
  • Look-a-like modeling
  • Automated scoring
  • Build and export campaign lists and reports in Micrsooft Excel
  • Flow Automation


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