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Frontline Systems Analytic Solver Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing

Contact vendor directly for pricing information.


Product are offered as on-premise solutions.

Customer Focus

Vendor works with small, midsize and enterprise companies in most industries.

Select Customers

Kraft Foods, Deloitte, MetLife, Delta, The Walt Disney Company


About Analytic Solver

Frontline Systems Analytic Solver Analytic Solver is business intelligence software that offers an expansive collection of business intelligence software tools. Users can improve predictions from data using forecasting and data mining. The platform includes data visualization tools and statistical forecasting tools that extrapolate a time series (past sales figures, exchange rate quotes etc). Predictions can also be improved using data mining tools and software tools.

Companies can improve resource allocation using Conventional Optimization. The Optimization Solver can search through millions of combinations of ways to allocate resources. Additionally, risk analysis using Monte Carlo Simulation creates models of business situations and finds where there is significant uncertainty. Simulation optimization helps users to understand possible outcomes when not all data is available.

About the Company

Frontline Systems Inc was founded in 1987 in Incline Village, Nevada.


Analytic Solver Key Features

  • Stochastic optimization in Excel
  • Feature Selection
  • Classification methods
  • Text mining
  • Decision Trees


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