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– FrontRange IT Asset Management Review

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FrontRange IT Asset Management solutions are available on an on-premise, SaaS, and hybrid deployment model.

Customer Focus

FrontRange designs solutions that are built to meet the requirements of midmarket and enterprise organizations

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Pacific Blue Cross, Williamson County, General Dynamics, Viant, Silverstone, The Architect of the Capitol, Kaiser Permanente

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About FrontRange IT Asset Management

- FrontRange IT Asset ManagementFrontRange IT Asset Management solutions enable organizations to meet their business goals by optimizing the cost effectiveness and availability of their IT assets. FrontRange IT Asset Management is designed to help organizations with multi-platform distributed networks reduce manual workload. With FrontRange IT Asset Management, organizations can enable IT staff to become more efficient and find new ways to add value to business operations.

About FrontRange
FrontRange Solutions helps organizations achieve better business results with software that delivers enterprise-class capabilities, rapid ROI, and ease of use. FrontRange serves more than 13,000 customers in over 45 countries and 80 verticals. Their product portfolio of affordable, robust solutions cover Customer Service Management, IT Asset Management, and IT Service Management. FrontRange products facilitate IT and services transformation to improve external and internal client interactions.

FrontRange IT Asset Management Key Features

Network Discovery
100% Asset Visibility

  • Detect and audit all IP-addressable assets on the network including servers, PCs, switches, and other devices
  • Create a complete network inventory, including WAN, LAN, and remote dial-up connections
  • Leverage a unique configuration audit engine
  • Use over 30 pre-configured reports

Virtual Audit

  • Discover and track virtual hardware and software
  • Avoid issues with software licensing and server sprawl

Thin Client Audit

  • Identify software published on XenApp 4.5 and 5.0 servers


  • Track software and hardware across all major enterprise platforms, including Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X and AIZ

Remote Auditing

  • Manage IT assets across the entire organization, including branch offices
  • Collect data on software installations, hardware configurations, and usage
  • Audit as many as 40,000 devices across the network without using any local staging servers

Multi-User Web Reports

  • Share audit information with multiple employees
  • Get over 20 specialized reports for software installations, network inventory analysis, upgrade wizards, and compliance reports

Desktop Management
Desktop and Server Management

  • Lower the total cost of ownership for IT operations
  • Automate daily IT management tasks to improve efficiency
  • Follow corporate standards by enforcing transparent compliance
  • Improve availability and productivity with up-to-date infrastructure maintenance
  • Automate key processes to reduce manual work

Software Asset Management
Network Visibility

  • Access a full network inventory for the entire organization
  • Automatically identify and add new hardware and software to the IT asset repository
  • Dynamically update IT asset information

Network Software Audit

  • Get accurate results using multiple recognition techniques
  • Track application usage
  • Conduct an inventory of all virtual applications on the network
  • Identify unwanted or potentially dangerous applications on user PCs

License Management

  • Use a number of sources to populate the software repository
  • Use both bulk upload tools and a browser-based data entry wizard to capture license entitlements
  • Automatically match known software titles with entries on entitlement records
  • Reconcile entitlements against usage

Application Deployment

  • Automatically deploy applications with user-based criteria
  • Automatically resolve compliance failures
  • Test and approve new software packages before installation
  • View the compliance status of each asset at a glance with a “traffic light” system

Additional Features
Citrix Server Management

  • Increase efficiency using a consistent interface for virtual and physical delivery
  • Enable transparent virtual compliance with real-time monitoring
  • Gain control and stability with integrated point click QA

Virtualization Management

  • Improve infrastructure control using a unified interface
  • Enhance visibility by supporting transparent compliance views
  • Improve availability by automating the maintenance of virtualized environments
  • Improve stability with integrated QA
  • Manage all network assets and deployments with a unified point of integration

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