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– Gigya User Management 360 Review

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Gigya works primarily with enterprise organizations

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About Gigya User Management 360

- Gigya User Management 360Gigya created User Management 360 as an end-to-end solution, enabling companies to capture, store and manage traditional and permission-based social data, including: social profiles, graph connections, behavior and tradition profile data. Two key additions to User Management 360, formerly named Social Identity Management Platform, are: Registration-as-a-Service and Identity Access. Says Patrick Sayler, CEO of Gigya: “Our new User Management 360 platform finally puts marketers in control of data.”

As a leading provider of social infrastructure for business, Mountain View, Calif.-based Gigya actively works with more than 500 companies, including ABC, Pepsi and Verizon, and reaches more than one billion users per month. Gigya boasts a mission of socializing the rest of the web, and their comprehensive technology provides clients with the right social media tools to be more interactive and personal.

Gigya User Management 360 Key Features

  • Social Login
  • Registration-as-a-Service
  • Identity Storage
  • Identity Access
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Open Integration Program

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