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About GitHub Enterprise

GitHub Enterprise GitHub is an application development software solution that acts as a public code repository and a web-based tool for software development teams that allows for decentralized, simultaneous code development with easy version control. GitHub links pull requests, commits, and issue tracking, allowing developers to efficiently resolve problems in their code. Thorough file permissions and GitHub’s extensive version, forking, and file backup features protect against lost data while allowing for experimentation.

GitHub Enterprise allows companies to install GitHub’s popular web application on in-house servers, allowing for increased security. While a local GitHub installation is possible without purchasing Enterprise (using GitHub Firewall), Enterprise includes all of GitHub’s latest features and a simplified installation process.

GitHub Enterprise Key Features

  • Install GitHub locally, allowing for greater control and security
  • Create unlimited user groups (teams) with varying read/write access permissions
  • Securely host code, monitor changes, and view file history
  • Create code wikis using most popular parsers, available online and offline
  • Activity streams for all repositories
  • Graphically view project forking
  • Bug and progress tracking
  • Automatically close open issues by referencing in commit
  • Code review with pull requests, commit commenting, and team discussions
  • Version branching with visual branch progress tracker

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