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HighJump Manufacturing Execution System Review

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HighJump Manufacturing Execution System is an on-demand, cloud-based solution.

Customer Focus

HighJump’s solutions are made to meet the needs of 3PL/Logistics service providers, aerospace and automotive, food and beverage, consumer packaged goods, healthcare, high-tech, manufacturing, retail and wholesale/industrial distribution industries.

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HighJump is a privately-owned company.


About HighJump Manufacturing Execution System

HighJump Manufacturing Execution System HighJump Manufacturing Execution System (MES) enables discrete manufacturers to improve quality, lower overall costs, and enhance responsiveness to customer demands. Designed to help discrete manufacturers in both work order and demand-driven manufacturing environments, HighJump MES helps companies gain real-time visibility into their shop floor; reduce inventory, labor and regulatory costs; and shorten cycle times. HighJump MES provides a flexible and adaptable architecture to help reduce the total cost of ownership. As companies grow, more supply chain software – including warehouse management, labor management, and supplier enablement – can be added to HighJump MES to create a more robust solution.

About the Company

HighJump Software builds solutions that incorporate industry best practices, but they also keep their solutions flexible enough to allow companies to build their own custom workflows. HighJump is a global provider of a full suite of supply chain management software made to help companies streamline the flow of inventory from the supplier to the store shelf. To provide a flexible solution, HighJump software offers warehouse management, transportation management, EDI solutions, and route accounting solutions for the cloud. HighJump also offers a variety of training options through HighJump University, as well as best practices-based implementation processes that help their customers complete implementations on time and on budget.


HighJump Manufacturing Execution System Key Features

Paperless Work Dispatch

  • Helps companies coordinate the key aspects of their production including resources, materials and schedules. Planners can dispatch schedule changes to the shop floor electronically, reducing the time spent making changes while eliminating errors
  • Helps a company reduce bottlenecks, improve reaction time to disruptions, maximize shop floor efficiency and optimize labor and machine utilization

Shop Floor Touch Screen

  • Helps companies to leverage shop floor touch screens running a web browser to streamline the flow of information and provide real-time visibility into the shop floor activities
  • Helps companies reduce inventory, labor and regulatory costs, achieve lean processes and help drive continuous improvement

Materials Management

  • After the shop floor production schedule has been dispatched, HighJump MES helps material handlers efficiently deliver materials to the work stations. Workers can request material replenishments as they get low and those requests are handled through the MES

Genealogy and Traceability

  • Provides shop floor execution and visibility to help companies handle complex genealogy and traceability requirements. The robust data model and transaction history enable a variety of web-based reports to view including unit histories, genealogies and part traceability

Manufacturing Quality Management

  • Helps quality management teams track product quality and implement an updated quality plan if needed
  • Helps companies enforce regular sampling tests, meet regulations for operator certification and improve the overall quality of the products being produced

Performance Management

  • Helps companies track manufacturing KPIs over time to monitor performance and provides a drill down feature to analyze a KPI that is below expect levels
  • Helps companies monitor the overall equipment effectiveness, order cycle time, machine utilization/plant utilization, machine maintenance and up time, quality and scrap and rework levels


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