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HighJump Transportation Management Review

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HighJump Transportation Management is an on-demand, cloud-based solution.

Customer Focus

HighJump’s solutions are made to meet the needs of 3PL/Logistics service providers, aerospace and automotive, food and beverage, consumer packaged goods, healthcare, high-tech, manufacturing, retail and wholesale/industrial distribution industries.

Select Customers

Sitonit, Polaroid, Siemens.

Customer Case Study

HighJump is a privately-owned company.


About HighJump Transportation Management

HighJump Transportation Management HighJump Transportation Management (TMS) is a full feature, on-demand transportation management solution that can help companies improve cost savings and customer service by providing increased visibility into shipping processes. High Jump TMS is made to streamline the complex and tedious task of planning daily routes and shipping planning processes. It includes sophisticated algorithms to help companies make sure their customer service expectations are met while providing least-cost solutions to reduce overall costs. HighJump TMS can be integrated with the HighJump Supply Chain Management Software suite to improve both TMS and SCM efficiencies.

About the Company

HighJump Software builds solutions that incorporate industry best practices, but they also keep their solutions flexible enough to allow companies to build their own custom workflows. HighJump is a global provider of a full suite of supply chain management software made to help companies streamline the flow of inventory from the supplier to the store shelf. To provide a flexible solution, HighJump software offers warehouse management, transportation management, EDI solutions, and route accounting solutions for the cloud. HighJump also offers a variety of training options through HighJump University, as well as best practices-based implementation processes that help their customers complete implementations on time and on budget.


HighJump Transportation Management Key Features

Shipment Optimization

  • Includes geographical zone scheduling, provides the ability to consolidate shipments across multiple ship or delivery dates, and consolidates shipping of multiple orders to the same address
  • Helps companies identify the most efficient mode of transport, carrier, and route-stop sequence
  • Trailer capacity can be based on weight, cube and weight, pallet count and weight, or user-defined measurements and weight
  • Automatically assigns pronumber (carrier freight bill)
  • Includes powerful query screens and drill-down functionality
  • Modifications can be easily completed for suggested load plans
  • Facilities can be configured separately to improve data collection. Configuration options include customer exceptions, pool points, trailer inventory, pronumber maintenance, freight bill set up, capacity planning, pricing options, consolidation rules, and delivery parameters

Carrier and Rate Management

  • One screen to enter and maintain rates, discounts and active route for all modes. Also includes upload capabilities
  • Displays rates for all carries and any mode
  • Helps companies choose carriers based on cost and transit days
  • Supports a variety of modes
  • Provides reporting capabilities to measure efficiency

Transportation Vendor Compliance

  • Provides companies with the ability to define the application of exceptions based on one or more parameters
  • Companies can set up a hierarchy based on priority of customer exceptions
  • Includes carrier and mode exclusions
  • Includes preferred and “Do Not Use” carriers by mode
  • Allows for route overrides
  • Includes fixed routes and specific ship schedules
  • Includes standing delivery appointments or delivery windows
  • Gives companies the ability to prevent order consolidation by assigning BL at the order level instead of shipment level

Shipment Tracking

  • Provides companies with real-time tracking of shipments
  • Enables companies to find information based on bill of lading, order number, PO number, ship-to name, carrier, and other criteria
  • Gives companies the ability to identify hundreds of shipments
  • Displays real-time shipment information as soon as it is exported from HighJump Transportation Management System
  • Displays shipment status including automatic updates from carriers using EDI 214 shipment status message
  • Provides the ability to hyperlink to a carriers website for real-time visibility of EDI information

Proof of Delivery and Claims

  • Enables companies to create and manage PODs and carrier freight claims
  • Manages all historical shipment data
  • Includes web workflow to resolve claims and billing discrepancies
  • Maintenance and management of standardized reports
  • Management of multi-layered security system
  • Includes reporting tools

Transportation Reporting

  • Cost data is collected at different stages of planning and shipping processes to the SKU level
  • Helps managers report transportation costs by model, commodity, sales, division, customer, shipping facility and more criteria
  • Includes a variety of reports such as shipping and transit, financial and sales

Freight Bill Audit and Payment

  • Streamlines a company’s in-house freight payment processes, eliminating manual processes
  • Includes authorized payment records
  • Includes receipts of freight charges from carriers
  • Provides automatic general ledger account application based on user’s criteria
  • Provides automatic and manual shipment validation and audit
  • Tracks authorized payment records
  • Provides historical tracking and reporting

Shipment Alerting and Notifications

  • Enables companies to create and subscribe to alerts through the web interface
  • Creates alerts for expected events like shipping, deliveries, etc
  • Creates alerts for unexpected events such as late shipments
  • Allows notifications to be configured for e-mail, fax, text messages, etc.

Carrier Compliance

  • Includes proactive monitoring for receipts of carrier 214s
  • Creates system-generated shipment status requests to be sent to carriers
  • System configurable by carrier or event
  • Provides companies with intuitive reporting and in-depth KPI measurements

Shipment Execution

  • Helps companies reduce the time and money spent associated with communicating with carriers
  • Manages EDI mapping and activity
  • Supports all EDI transactions
  • Enables companies to automatically fax or email available reports


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Customers turn to logistics services providers (LSPs)/third party logistics (3PL) companies because they expect that you will be able to run their warehousing and transportation operations more efficiently and cheaply than they can run it themselves.


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