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– Bridgeline Digital iAPPS Analyzer Review

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Product is available either as an SaaS or on-premise marketing solution.

Customer Focus

Product can be utilized by mid-market companies and subsidiaries of Fortune 1000 companies.

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HealthCore, HookedonPhonics, AARP, National Childrens Museum, National Insurance Crime Bureau

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About Bridgeline Digital iAPPS Analyzer

- Bridgeline Digital iAPPS Analyzer Bridgeline Digital iAPPS Analyzer is an analytics tool that can be used by marketers to immediately analyze the performance of their marketing efforts. The Analyzer smart recommendation engine helps indentify solutions to optimize site content and reach campaign goals.

With Goal Driven Marketing, Bridgeline Digital iAPPS Analyzer helps companies improve web campaign success and provides marketers with the ability to track and optimize all of the multichannel marketing efforts. Bridgeline Digital iAPPS Analyzer provides marketers with the important metrics like scenario funnels, click density maps, click-through paths and page overlays.

About the Company

Bridgeline Digital has created award winning web experience management software and interactive business technology solutions to help their customers reach their business goals. The iAPPS suite is offered as either an on-premise or SaaS solution that includes web content management, ecommerce, e-marketing and web analytics that can be utilized by companies to improve their websites, online marketing or online stores. iAPPS Content Manager was awarded the 2010 CODiE Award for the Best Content Management Solution. Over the last 10 years, Bridgeline has won over 50 industry awards including be named one of the top interactive technology companies in America by BtoB Magazine.


Bridgeline Digital iAPPS Analyzer Key Features

Multichannel Campaign Management

  • Companies can group multichannel efforts into a single campaign to track and measure campaign goals

Smart Recommendations Engine

  • Dynamically suggests ways on how site content can be optimized to meet campaign goals

Traffic Analysis

  • Monitors activity of all CMS content including entry/exit pages and provides external and search referrer reports. Tracks pageviews and bounce rate as well

Visitor Analysis
  • Help companies spot patterns with their visitors including visitor loyalty and their browser capabilities

Content Publishing Overlay

  • Provides an overlay of modification dates of content on a trend graph to understand analytics

Path Analysis

  • Helps companies understand click streams and usage patterns. Also includes the ability to create audience profiles

Scenarios/Funnel Analysis

  • Companies can specify a sequence of actions and clicks to gain a better understanding of visitor conversions

Inbound/Outbound Path Analysis

  • Track top referring site and pages navigated to next for any specific webpage

Content Analysis

  • Companies can track file and image downloads

Site Search Analysis

  • Provides insights into what visitors are searching for on a site or online store

Watched Events

  • Provides watch name, visitors in that period of time, total count, conversion rate, unique visitors and unique count


  • Provides a better user experience by enabling companies to deliver personalized content based on visitor profiles


  • Data can be emailed as HTML, exported in to Excel or saved as a PDF

Site Overlays for Click Analysis

  • Companies can monitor click activity in real-time to see what areas of the site are getting the most clicks

Custom Reporting

  • Custom reports can be generated using any of iAPPS Analyzer database cube dimension


  • Alerts can be set up for page counts, views, watched events and be distributed via email

Automatic Page-Level Data Inclusion

  • Reports automatically include page authoring labels to make analysis easier

Automatic Page Tagging

  • Automatically adds page tags to new content, eliminating manual processes and additional costs


White Papers and Demos

Advanced Marketing Techniques eBook
White Paper provided by Bridgeline Digital
According to research conducted by Salesforce and the Harvard Business Review Analytic Service, only 15 percent of marketing teams are using advanced marketing techniques (i.e., tools, analytics, and practices). That means only a small portion of marketers think past the sale and deeply understand their ability to affect the customer journey.
2017 Marketing Automation Buyer's Guide
White Paper provided by Bridgeline Digital
A visual buyer's guide ranking the top vendors in the Marketing Automation industry. At it's simplest, marketing automation software is a set of tools that automates common, repeatable tasks performed by marketers. Hinging on email marketing, the industry has grown to incorporate the entire campaign management landscape.
Marketing Automation: 4 Basic Rules to Increase the Bottom Line
White Paper provided by Bridgeline Digital
Why do most companies implement Marketing Automation? To increase marketing and sales effectiveness, to gain insights through transparency in marketing and sales activities, and to measure performance in order to understand marketing ROI and other activities.


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