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– Bridgeline Digital iAPPS Commerce Review

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Product is available as an on-premise or SaaS ecommerce solution.

Customer Focus

Product can be utilized by mid-market companies and subsidiaries of Fortune 1000 companies.

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HealthCore, HookedonPhonics, AARP, National Childrens Museum, National Insurance Crime Bureau

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About Bridgeline Digital iAPPS Commerce

- Bridgeline Digital iAPPS Commerce Bridgeline Digital iAPPS Commerce is an ecommerce solution that is made to help online businesses maximize their revenue by better managing all aspects of their eCommerce initiatives. BBridgeline Digital iAPPS Commerce supports over 100 currencies and languages which allow eCommerce sites market to their customers in their native language. iAPPS Commerce also provides real-time shipping estimates from UPS, FedEx and USPS.

iAPPS Commerce can be integrated with Bridgeline Digital iAPPS Content Manager to improve the SEO of eCommerce pages. Bridgeline Digital iAPPS Content Manager automatically generates 301 redirects and XML sitemaps and creates SEO friendly URLS for all pages, including product specific pages

About the Company

Bridgeline Digital has created award winning web experience management software and interactive business technology solutions to help their customers reach their business goals. The iAPPS suite is offered as either an on-premise or SaaS solution that includes web content management, ecommerce, e-marketing and web analytics that can be utilized by companies to improve their websites, online marketing or online stores. Bridgeline Digital iAPPS Content Manager was awarded the 2010 CODiE Award for the Best Content Management Solution. Over the last 10 years, Bridgeline has won over 50 industry awards including be named one of the top interactive technology companies in America by BtoB Magazine.


Bridgeline Digital iAPPS Commerce Key Features

Multiple Currencies

  • Supports multiple currencies allowing shoppers to complete their purchases in their native currency

Downloadable Media Support

  • Companies can manage the sale and completion of downloadable products likes videos, audio, text and other formats

Faceted Search

  • Allows a company’s customers to filter products by attributes, keyword, category, SKU, price and other criteria

Real-Time Shipping Estimates

  • Provides customers with real-time shipping estimates on their orders from UPS, FedEx and USPS

Personalized Customer Profile

  • Customers can create and manage a personal profile that includes their order history, addresses, and wish list

International Shipping

  • Allows oversea shoppers to enter international addresses

Tax Calculations

  • Provides real-time tax calculations for over 100 countries

Wish Lists

  • Allows customers to save items to a wish list that is linked to their customer profile

Flexible Multi-Level Categories

  • Organizes products into flexible categories to help customers find items that could be of interest to them

Easy View Shopping Cart

  • Provides quick access to the shopping cart that shows what items have been added, a brief description of the product and the price. The subtotal of the shopping cart is also displayed

Secure Checkout

  • Protects customer information through secure payment processing

Multiple Images, Rich Media

  • Companies can add product images and other media to portray their products in a more appealing manner to their customers

Precise Product Descriptions

  • Bridgeline Digital iAPPS Commerce is designed to handle all types of product descriptions. Companies can add details like features, specifications, measurements and other key criteria to help customers understand the product better

Payment Gateway Integration

  • Supports real-time credit card authentication using Website Payments Pro, Authorize.Net, Payment Gateway and CSC.CVV2

Quick View Shipping Rates

  • Provides access to shipping rate information through the shopping cart

Administrative Experience
Facet-Based Product Catalog Management

  • Companies can assign attributes to products to make allow their customers to search for a specific attribute. Helps customers refine their product searches

Robust Administrative Dashboard

  • Provides a real-time overview of the online business with reports, graphs and alerts

Promotion Management

  • Handles bulk pricing, customer group pricing, sales, coupon processing, free shipping and other types of promotions

360 Degree Customer Management

  • Companies can maintain and edit customer accounts on an individual or group basis

Real-Time Reporting

  • Bridgeline Digital iAPPS Commerce includes many types of reports a company can use to gain valuable insights into their business

Product Bundling

  • Allows companies to sell multiple products under a single SKU as a special offer


  • Companies can differentiate instances of the same product using multiple SKU’s

Order History

  • Provides detailed view of a customer’s order history with flexible sorting options

Shipping Addresses

  • Customer profiles can support different shipping address for simplified shipping management

Multiple Credit Cards

  • Customer profiles can store multiple credit cards to simplify the ordering process

Shipping Management

  • Integration of UPS, FedEx and USPS to generate tracking codes into iAPPS Commerce

Change Order Management

  • Companies can quickly modify a customer’s order information

CMS Integration

  • Product related content can be managed through Unbound Content
  • Requires an iAPPS Content Manager license

Search Engine Optimization

  • Unbound Content provides auto 301 redirects, automatically creates XML sitemap and SEO friendly URLs
  • Requires an Unbound Content license

Advanced Online Marketing Management

  • Helps drive conversions by helping companies create online marketing campaigns tailored to customer buying trends
  • Requires an Unbound Marketing license

Next Generation Web Analytics

  • Provides detailed intelligence on shoppers behavior, product views, site traffic patterns and other key data points
  • Requires an Unbound Insights license


White Papers and Demos

Commerce + CMS: 5 Tactics to Increase Your Bottom Line
White Paper provided by Bridgeline Digital
Today's consumer is always connected. Companies must innovate and evolve to garner attention amidst a sea of competition. Integrate eCommerce and content to deliver exceptional purchase experiences for always-on consumers. Retailers must invest in new technologies to customize consumer experience, engage savvy consumers and address emerging channels like social, mobile and web personalization.


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