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– Bridgeline Digital iAPPS Marketier Review

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Product is available as an on-premise or SaaS solution.

Customer Focus

Product can be utilized by mid-market companies and subsidiaries of Fortune 1000 companies.

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HealthCore, HookedonPhonics, AARP, National Childrens Museum, National Insurance Crime Bureau

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About Bridgeline Digital iAPPS Marketier

- Bridgeline Digital iAPPS Marketier Bridgeline Digital iAPPS Marketier is an online marketing management solution that helps marketers bring quality traffic to their websites by using personalized and targeted email campaigns. Bridgeline Digital iAPPS Marketier also includes features to help marketers monitor their campaigns, dynamic contact and distribution list management, event-based response marketing, a wizard-driven email campaign creation tool and built-in goal tracking tools to measure campaign performance.

iAPPS Marketier also integrates with leading customer relationship management solutions like and leading ad server engines like Google.

About the Company

Bridgeline Digital has created award winning web experience management software and interactive business technology solutions to help their customers reach their business goals. The iAPPS suite is offered as either an on-premise or SaaS solution that includes web content management, ecommerce, e-marketing and web analytics that can be utilized by companies to improve their websites, online marketing or online stores. iAPPS Content Manager was awarded the 2010 CODiE Award for the Best Content Management Solution. Over the last 10 years, Bridgeline has won over 50 industry awards including be named one of the top interactive technology companies in America by BtoB Magazine.


Bridgeline Digital iAPPS Marketier Key Features

Dynamic Distribution List

  • Any changes to customer information is automatically updated in the contacts database and distribution lists, eliminating the need to export customer lists to CSV

Easy Campaign Creation

  • Helps companies create online campaigns through the wizard-driven interface

Measure Campaign ROI

  • Campaign ROI and goal tracking tools are built in to iAPPS Marketier to provide marketers with performance measurements of their campaigns

Robust Asset Management

  • Single library stores content and images from the company website that can be used in marketing campaigns. Eliminates having to keep multiple libraries and versions of the same images Integration

  • Pull contacts and lead records from and ad them to iAPPS Marketier

Response Marketing

  • iAPPS Marketier helps marketers create response campaigns that target a specific audience by defining event triggers based on user or system actions

Landing Page Statistics

  • Provides access to real-time web statistics associated with a campaign. Companies can switch to Site Editor to edit landing page content on the fly
  • Requires an iAPPS Content Manager license

Detailed Reporting

  • Provides real-time status updates on marketing campaigns

360 Degree Campaign Management

  • Provides real-time statistics on sends, opens, forwards, clicks, bounces and more campaign data

Campaign Dashboard

  • Provides a real-time summary of mission-critical campaign data including goal tracking, email statistics and publishing workflows

Surveys and Polls

  • Helps companies learn more about what their audience is looking for creating custom polls and surveys

Campaign Preview

  • Helps companies make sure their brand messages are 100% what they want by previewing them before the message is sent

Pre-Defined Templates

  • Allows marketers to quickly preview all email templates to choose which one to use for the next send

Campaign Workflow

  • Create custom workflows for each campaign or save a specific workflow to be used on multiple campaigns

Campaign Cost Analysis

  • Includes cost calculator tools to determine how much a specific campaign costs

Mass Emailing

  • Helps to reduce the risk of spam complaints when sending bulk emails


  • Email campaigns can be scheduled any time of day on any day of the year

Analytics Integration

  • Integrates with iAPPS Analyzer to provide key marketing metrics, such as click through rate on emails, and track them in Marketier
  • Requires an iAPPS Analyzer license

CMS Integration

  • iAPPS Marketier integrates with iAPPS Content Manager to streamline content creation
  • Requires an iAPPS Content Manager license

eCommerce Integration

  • Companies can create emails by inserting images from iAPPS Commerce, leveraging the commerce assets to improve marketing emails
  • Requires an iAPPS Commerce license


White Papers and Demos

Advanced Marketing Techniques eBook
White Paper provided by Bridgeline Digital
According to research conducted by Salesforce and the Harvard Business Review Analytic Service, only 15 percent of marketing teams are using advanced marketing techniques (i.e., tools, analytics, and practices). That means only a small portion of marketers think past the sale and deeply understand their ability to affect the customer journey.
2017 Marketing Automation Buyer's Guide
White Paper provided by Bridgeline Digital
A visual buyer's guide ranking the top vendors in the Marketing Automation industry. At it's simplest, marketing automation software is a set of tools that automates common, repeatable tasks performed by marketers. Hinging on email marketing, the industry has grown to incorporate the entire campaign management landscape.
Marketing Automation: 4 Basic Rules to Increase the Bottom Line
White Paper provided by Bridgeline Digital
Why do most companies implement Marketing Automation? To increase marketing and sales effectiveness, to gain insights through transparency in marketing and sales activities, and to measure performance in order to understand marketing ROI and other activities.


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