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– IBM CloudBurst Review

Product Snapshot


IBM CloudBurst is deployed and integrated into the customer’s data center and network. Pre-packaged, pre-configured servers, storage, networking, software, and installation services are needed.

Customer Focus

IBM CloudBurst is targeted at enterprise-level businesses.

Select Customers

Citigroup, Vietnam Technology and Telecommunication (VNTT), Nedbank, Kantana Animation Studios, North Carolina State, Wuxi Lake Tai, Ecomanage Network Corporation, Getronics, BlueLock.


IBM offers various pricing options, including monthly payments or an up-front fee of around $210.000.

About Product

- IBM CloudBurstIBM CloudBurst is a family of pre-integrated service delivery platforms that include all the necessary components to create a private cloud environment. CloudBurst delivers hardware, storage, networking, virtualization, and service management software. It allows data centers to more quickly create service platforms for a wide range of processes with a high degree of flexibility, all the while cutting costs. IBM CloudBurst enables organizations to move towards a more dynamic infrastructure. Also see IBM Maximo Asset Management.

About IBM
International Business Machines or IBM is a publicly traded global technology and consulting corporation headquartered in Armonk, New York. IBM provides computer hardware and software, and it offers infrastructure, hosting and consulting services in fields ranging from server farms to nanotechnology.

Product Key Features

Leadership Virtualization
  • Providing more efficient utilization of IT resources
  • Reducing hardware cost through economy of scale
  • Enterprise quality of service capabilities (scalability, performance, availability and security) to support mission-critical workloads

Elastic Scaling

    • Improve performance and scalability by optimizing IT assets based on workload and ensure the ideal elasticity of your cloud
    • Increasing flexibility with the capability to scale seamlessly from 1/10 of a core to 256 cores and to use all resources of the host server

Automated Management, Provisioning & Service Delivery

      • Combines management functions into a single virtualization management tool
      • Automated provisioning of standardized virtual images for all Power Platforms (AIX, PowerLinux and IBM i) reduces deployment times from days to hours and minimizes deployment errors
      • Improved manageability by combining multiple virtual resources into one manageable entity
      • Automated virtual image mobility within the system pool for optimal utilization and resilience
      • Optimizes virtual assets within a system pool for performance, availability and energy use

Self Service and Service Catalog

      • User-friendly self-service interface accelerates time to value
      • Service catalog enables standards to drive consistent service delivery
      • Provisioning of assets based on defined policies reduces deployment times and lowers IT costs
      • Automated provisioning and deprovisioning improves customer satisfaction by accelerating service delivery
      • Provisioning policies allow automated release and reuse of assets without IT intervention

Flexible Metering & Billing

      • Improves cost transparency
      • Offers more flexible pricing schemes
      • Enables IT to understand costs as well as track, allocate and invoice by department, user and many other additional criteria

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