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inFlow Review

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A free version is available. Paid pricing starts at $299 for a license.


inFlow is available as an on-premise solution.

Customer Focus

inFlow works with companies of all sizes.

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NASA, Swarovski, 7/11, Blizzard Entertainment, Chicago Bulls

About inFlow

inFlow inFlow is an on-premise inventory software solution designed to handle 10,000+ types of items from a single installation. Each inventory data object contains pictures, a description and pricing, and you can sort products by a variety of fields. For inventory management, the system is compatible with barcode scanners, can work across multiple locations and supports multiple units of measurement. Each inventory action is logged in an audit trail, and the product can adjust inventory stock when you process a BOM. Lastly, InFlow Inventory System can automatically reorder parts when they fall below certain stock levels.

About inFlow
inFlow was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Toronto. Over 210,000 users from 60+ countries use the company’s products.

inFlow Key Features

  • On-premise inventory management software solution
  • Can hold 10,000+ products from a single installation
  • Uses barcodes to track parts
  • Stores pictures, descriptions and more for each item
  • Works with multiple units of measurement
  • Can manage stock at multiple locations
  • Stores all inventory actions in audit trails
  • Adjusts inventory levels when you process a BOM
  • Can reorder parts automatically if their stock levels fall below a certain point
  • Generates customizable reports
  • Works with multiple currencies and languages

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  • Christian

    inflow and archon use bait and switch pricing tactics. beware!

    when i downloaded this program i was told that the lifetime license was $299. when my trial expired, they changed the pricing to $399 per year. when i contacted them to let them know that they bait and switched us, they offered a 25% discount on the first year. i told them that i was going to leave a hundred reviews telling potential customers about their business tactics and i got no response. i guess this is what happens when you do business with archon and inflow inventory management. please share and comment on this review to help us spread the word to others. i am listing the live chat conversation below:

    Chat started on 2015-01-12 06:42 PM UTC
    (06:42:27 PM) *** Visitor 45869109 joined the chat ***
    (06:42:27 PM) Christian: yes, i am trying to purchase the lifetime license for $299 like advertised when we started our trial. how do we complete this transaction?
    (06:46:44 PM) *** Siobhan joined the chat ***
    (06:46:53 PM) Siobhan: Hi Christian, thanks for logging in!
    (06:48:03 PM) Siobhan: I’m afraid the v2 licenses were $299 USD but we are no longer selling those licenses. v3 licenses are $399 USD for the regular edition (as of the release of v3 in early September
    (06:48:59 PM) Christian: thats called a bait and switch and is illegal. if you dont provide what was promised when we started our trial, we will be forced to leave about a hundred negative reviews, contact archon directly and start litigation.
    (06:49:25 PM) Christian: you dont do that to people like us
    (06:49:39 PM) Siobhan: I’m really sorry for the confusion Christian and I assure you it was not intentional. Can I please clarify the email address that you had signed up for your trial under so I can look into this further for you?
    (06:51:14 PM) Siobhan: As I mentioned, it’s likely that you were trialing v2 (which was $299 USD) and that we have since released v3 (a completely different version of the program) for which there is a different price. That having been said, let me see what I can do about getting you a one-time discount to the v2 price. Are you available at that email address?
    (06:51:59 PM) Christian: what does that mean? that you are doing what was initially promised?
    (06:52:23 PM) Christian: yes, that is my email address
    (06:56:45 PM) Siobhan: Great, I will follow up with you there once I’m able to confirm what we can offer.
    Let me try to clarify: so in the time that you’ve been testing the system we’ve since moved to a new version (which is why the price is different than what you would have originally seen on our website, since we are now selling a different version). That having been said, since you began the trial while we were still selling v2 and we no longer offer that version what I’d like to do is offer you a one-time discount to allow you to purchase v3 licenses (the new version with all its features) at the v2 prices.
    (06:57:06 PM) *** Christian left the chat ***

    Siobhan, Jan 12 14:02:
    Hi Christian,
    I just wanted to follow up with confirmation and a promo code for your purchase, should you decide to go ahead with the purchase of v3. As discussed, since we’re no longer selling v2 we’d like to offer you a one-time discount to purchase v3 license(s) at the v2 pricing. With that in mind please feel free to use CHRISTIAN25 to get a 25% discount on your purchase of inFlow. You should see that discount applied before you proceed to payment so please do let us know if you have any difficulty there. This discount code will be valid for one week from today and should you have any other questions or concerns please do let us know!

    These are the kind of tactics that we need to make sure dont spread to other companies so please like and share this review as much as possible. Thank you and good luck in all your business ventures.

    • conduitreallysux

      having trouble removing my last review. please ignore it. inflow is awesome. thanks.

    • Hi Christian

      Thanks for letting us get in touch with you to clear up the miscommunication. We’re truly sorry to have upset you this much.

      It has always been our goal to make our customers as happy as possible and we clearly failed in this case. That being said, as you experienced, we’re always willing to do what it takes to make things right!

      As we discussed, the pricing never changed to a yearly model (it’s our fault for not making that clear). When you a buy a license, it’s yours for life.

      We did release inFlow v3 with new features such as FIFO/LIFO costing and as such, the price for the Regular Edition is now $399. However, since you did start your trial before v3, we honored the older price.

      Although we tried to let our community know about inFlow v3 through a beta program, newsletter and blog posts, we’ll take this as a learning opportunity to see how we can communicate better.

      If anyone has questions, feel free to email me at 🙂

  • Christian

    i made the original post and i am unable to remove it. infow works great and archon made good on their promise. please give this fantastic program a try. the software is great and infow’s customer support department is fantastic.