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– Infor Governance, Risk, and Compliance Review

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Infor Governance, Risk, and Compliance is available as an on-premise, hosted, or subscription solution.

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Infor Governance, Risk, and Compliance is built for enterprises, large businesses, and multinational organizations.

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About Infor Governance, Risk, and Compliance

- Infor Governance, Risk, and ComplianceInfor Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) suite enables companies to manage all aspects of compliance and auditing from a single interface that integrates with financial and risk management applications. Infor GRC includes features that enable monitoring across ERP applications, data integration with Infor ION, and enhanced task management.

About Infor
Infor is the world’s third-largest supplier of enterprise applications and services, helping more than 70,000 large and mid-size companies improve operations and drive growth across numerous industry sectors.

Get the innovative, forward-thinking technology you need to compete in a dynamic and volatile environment with Infor’s Office of the CFO solutions. From core financial and enterprise performance management solutions that let you drive your business to governance, risk, and compliance and expense management systems that let you protect and control it, these mobile, globally-enabled, collaborative, and highly adaptable solutions help you accelerate growth while keeping cost and risk under control.

Infor Governance, Risk, and Compliance Key Features

  • Meet regulatory compliance and adherence to policies
  • Make your GRC processes more efficient and reliable
  • Gain confidence in the integrity of your financial results and systems without breaking the bank or strangling productivity
  • Automate internal controls testing across multiple systems and control types
  • Automate repetitive audit activities so employees can focus on more value-added activities
  • Automate and push ownership of business controls out to business owners
  • Reduce loss and prevent fraud from occurring

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