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– InsightSquared Salesforce Analytics Review

Product Snapshot


Pricing starts at $65 a user for each month.


InsightSquared Salesforce Analytics is available as a SaaS solution that requires no additional hardware.

Customer Focus

InsightSquared works small and mid-sized customers.

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About InsightSquared Salesforce Analytics

- InsightSquared Salesforce Analytics InsightSquared Salesforce Analytics works inside Salesforce to monitor all company sales and marketing activity. At the start, the program looks at previous lead conversion ratios and generates a quarterly sales forecast. From there, users can inspect various elements inside the sales pipeline, view changes in all open opportunities and see which sales reps are most successful. For marketing, the system examines the lead pipeline and identifies which campaigns are most effective generating new leads. Lastly, InsightSquared Salesforce Analytics can keep scorecards for sales reps at an individual or team level to help with monthly reviews.

About InsightSquared
InsightSquared was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Massachusetts.

InsightSquared Salesforce Analytics Key Features

  • SaaS sales and marketing monitoring software solution
  • Uses sales history to generate sales forecasts
  • Can create a bird’s eye view of the sales pipeline that supports drill downs
  • Notifies users of any changes in open opportunities
  • Monitors all current sales activity and cycles
  • Identifies areas where leads consistently fail to convert
  • Displays what type of marketing campaigns are most effective
  • Keeps tabs on sales rep performance at a team or individual level

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