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This product is no longer available
This product has reached its end-of-life and is no longer being supported by the vendor.


– Interactive Multimedia Technologies Maximus Review

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Interactive Multimedia Technologies Maximus is available as an on-premise or SaaS solution.

Customer Focus

Interactive Multimedia Technologies works with small and mid-sized companies primarily in India.

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About Interactive Multimedia Technologies Maximus

- Interactive Multimedia Technologies MaximusInteractive Multimedia Technologies Maximus is a web-based archiving system for digital documents designed to wean you off your reliance on paper files. Not only does it archive your documents, but this software can also create, capture, share, classify, and manage your files. The product UI resembles an actual file cabinet’s filing structure, and you can take advantage of the tools to import documents and search through them quickly. Additionally, Maximus logs all user activity and enables you to pull up previous file revisions.

About Interactive Multimedia Technologies
Interactive Multimedia Technologies began in 1999 and is based in Mumbai, India. The company’s product line includes CMS and HR software, and IMT additionally offers web design, SEO, IT consulting, and software development services. IMT has won a number of awards, including The Bizz’s 2010 World Business Leader award, the 2011 Indian Business Leadership Awards’ Outstanding Contributions to National Development Award, and others.

Interactive Multimedia Technologies Maximus Key Features

  • Web-based document management system
  • Supports bulk document importing
  • Indexing technology allows you to fully search documents including scanned images by the word
  • Set document viewing and editing permissions by user or by group
  • Tracks each user’s activity
  • Allows you to pull up previous document revisions
  • SaaS and on-premise installation options
  • Customizable e-mail alerts
  • Can classify documents by the word

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