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Joomla! Review

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About Joomla!

Joomla! Joomla! is web content management software that enables users to create and launch web sites and online applications. The platform creates search engine and mobile friendly sites, supports unlimited designs, and is equipped with multi-user permission levels.

The software builds, organizes, manages and publishes content for multiple online outlets including blogs, intranet and mobile applications, is built on a scalable MVC architecture, and is a one-click version update system in order to facilitate complete and easy software updates when required. Additionally, the platform has an in-app contextual help system, is equipped with a media manager functionality for multiple file types, and provides users with a banner management tool that enables users to monetize websites through banner ads.

About the Company

Joomla! was founded in 2005.


Joomla! Key Features

  • Multilingual capabilities by supporting 65+ lanugages
  • Built-in site search functionality
  • Nested categorization and tagging tools
  • Frontend editing tools
  • Content versioning management
  • Syndication and newsfeed management
  • Extensive ACL (Access Control List)


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