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KeyedIn Solutions works with companies of all sizes in the fields of manufacturing, IT and professional services.

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Gordon Sign, Cognito, Harbinger, MavenWire, Nash Tech

KeyedIn Projects

KeyedIn ProjectsKeyedIn Projects is online project and program management software designed to give you complete control over your project lifecycles. You can use this software both from a top-down, strategy-based approach and from a bottom-up, execution-based approach, depending on what best serves your organization’s needs.

Depending on the nature of your company, you can choose from one of three KeyedIn Projects versions. The SMB version comes pre-configured for companies with limited project management experience and improves project delivery, resolves risks and issues, and drives up collaboration. The professional service organizations version tracks and boosts employee productivity, handles planning and budgeting and aids in resource management. The enterprise edition is effectively a combination between the previous two versions and additionally features support for complying with standards, creating project templates and enforcing enterprise best practices.

About KeyedIn Solutions
KeyedIn Solutions has been providing companies with SaaS software solutions since 2011. The business’s product line includes ERP, SCM, PSA and PPM software. KeyedIn Solutions’ offices are located in America, the United Kingdom, Sweden and South Africa. Additionally, the company offers strategic and tactical consulting for business software systems.

KeyedIn Projects Key Features

  • Project management software offered in SMB, professional service organizations and enterprise versions
  • Able to be used as a top-down or bottom-up solution
  • Increases project visibility, provides better project control and reduces project risk
  • SMB edition comes preconfigured to improve delivery, facilitate teamwork and standardize task management
  • Professional service organizations edition provides resource control tools, monitors productivity and handles billing and expenses
  • Enterprise edition is a combination of the two previous versions with additional support for enterprise best practices and compliance enforcement

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