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– KXEN Explorer Review

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KXEN Explorer is available as a SaaS solution that requires no additional hardware.

Customer Focus

KXEN works with enterprise, multi-national and mid-sized customers.

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About KXEN Explorer

- KXEN Explorer KXEN Explorer takes all current company data and primes it for predictive modeling. Users start out with the program by defining thousands of attributes that they want their predictive models to have. The system then takes current company datasets and transforms them into data pieces that fill out these attributes. Users have no limit to the number of aggregates the product can process, and steps are taken to ensure that just a single pass over company data is needed to transform it. Lastly, KXEN Explorer can pull out key insights from company social media followers and customer interactions.

About KXEN
KXEN is headquartered in San Francisco and was acquired by SAP in 2013.The company has over 500 deployments at enterprise-scaled companies.

KXEN Explorer Key Features

  • SaaS data conversion software solution
  • Makes all company data useable for predictive modeling through standardization
  • Newly transformed data is presented in terms and attribute users define
  • Ensures that just a single pass can convert all company data
  • Works with an unlimited number of data aggregates
  • Goes through customer interactions and conversations to identify text and language trends
  • Builds a social graph detailing all company social media followers

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