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– KXEN Factory Review

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KXEN Factory is available as a SaaS solution that requires no additional hardware.

Customer Focus

KXEN works with enterprise, multi-national and mid-sized customers.

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About KXEN Factory

- KXEN Factory KXEN Factory streamlines the various processes that go into predictive modeling, including construction, deployment and refinement. The program can store an unlimited number of predictive models and schedule updates for all of them so that they will remain current with company data. Whenever a forecast experiences a significant performance or data deviation, staff members will receive an automated alert telling them how to take action. Lastly, KXEN Factory can send out updated predictive modeling scores at user-defined intervals to all workers.

About KXEN
KXEN is headquartered in San Francisco and was acquired by SAP in 2013.The company has over 500 deployments at enterprise-scaled companies.

KXEN Factory Key Features

  • SaaS predictive modeling software solution
  • Enables quick predictive modeling creation, refinement, and deployment
  • Stores an unlimited number of models
  • Automatically refreshes models so that their data is current
  • Notifies users of any large forecast deviations or problems
  • Sends out model scores on a regular basis
  • Can distribute out role-based reports

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