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– KXEN Genius Review

Product Snapshot


KXEN Genius is available as a SaaS solution that requires no additional hardware.

Customer Focus

KXEN works with enterprise, multi-national and mid-sized customers.

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About KXEN Genius

- KXEN Genius KXEN Genius is a predictive model software solution designed for use by marketing professionals. The program requires no formal data mining training to use and has a software wizard that helps workers set time and behavior parameter targets. From there, the system tracks marketing campaign costs and sends users ROI for the targeted behaviors. Additionally, users can import data from past campaigns to build a more comprehensive intelligence profile. Overall, KXEN Genius can help users decide on areas where they need to shift marketing campaign budget resources to.

About KXEN
KXEN is headquartered in San Francisco and was acquired by SAP in 2013.The company has over 500 deployments at enterprise-scaled companies.

KXEN Genius Key Features

  • SaaS marketing intelligence software solution
  • Uses predictive models to analyze campaign performance
  • Requires little technical knowledge to use
  • Has a software wizard that aids users in defining behavior targets
  • Weighs campaign costs against contacts’ displayed behavioral ROI
  • Can import past campaign data to build a more complete contact profile
  • Features template predictive models
  • Has a software wizard that aids users in defining behavior targets

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