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This product is no longer available
This product has been renamed or acquired by another company. You can find the new product offering at Infor Talent Management.


– Lawson Talent Management Review

Product Snapshot

The system can be deployed as a hosted solution or installed on-premise. Lawson HCM is built on the Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and IBM DB2 databases and works with all operating systems.

Customer Focus
Lawson Talent Management is one of three suites within the HCM system, and delivers transformational tools designed to help you link together people, strategy, and execution. The TM solution helps deliver actionable information about your people in support of business strategy, while allowing you to work in your preferred technology space, like Microsoft Office, rather than in the actual application.

About Lawson Talent Management

- Lawson Talent ManagementThe solution helps you link your people with your business strategy, empowering you to make an immediate and lasting impact on your organization’s success. Plus, it helps you arrange key HR functions so your organization can find and keep the right people. As a result, you can identify top candidates and enable more strategic hires and offer perfect compensation levels and benefit plans. Design training plans based on business goals. Create development opportunities for top performers. Help reduce attrition and flight risk.

About Infor
Infor is a leading provider of business software and services, helping more than
70,000 customers in 164 countries improve operations and drive growth.
Infor combines focused, hands-on industry experience with global breadth to
help companies deal with today’s challenges and prepare for tomorrow’s opportunities.

Lawson Talent Management Key Features

Compensation Management
  • Maintain competitive pay levels while managing payroll costs, manage total compensation, including pay-for-performance, compensation planning and awarding

Global Human Resourcest

  • Help manage and maintain core aspects of a global workforce, including country-specific attributes.
  • Simplify HR processes while supporting multi-national and other highly-complex organizations

Goal Management

  • Help align employee goals with business objectives
  • Cascade information down through the organization so everyone – from top executives to individual employees – can see how their goals affect overall organizational success

Learning and Development

  • Design training plans based upon employee, management, and strategic planning inputs

Performance Management

  • Create plans for filling both expected and unexpected vacancies

Succession Management

  • Create plans for filling both expected and unexpected vacancies
  • Track high performers and talent gaps. See how the overall process is working for your organization

Talent Acquisition

  • Helps to find the best and brightest talent, helps to find the best top performer, engaging them and getting them on board faster and more cost-effectively

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