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– Libra OnDemand CRM Review

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Libra OnDemand CRM is a SaaS solution and requires no additional hardware for usage and implementation.

Customer Focus

Hospitality Based Organizations, Hotels, Hotel Managers, Hotel Marketers.

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About Libra OnDemand CRM

- Libra OnDemand CRM Libra OnDemand CRM gives hospitality providers useful tools such as guest comment tracking and guest preferences management in order to increase customer satisfaction. In addition, Libra OnDemand CRM also provides forecasting tools that help hospitality providers gauge profitability.

Libra OnDemand is located in Celebration, Florida and is involved in several charity organizations, including Children of the Nations.

Libra OnDemand CRM Key Features

  • Guest Profile Management
  • Company Profile Management
  • Travel Agency Profile Management
  • Tasks and Activities Scheduling
  • Guest Comment Tracking
  • Customer Preferences Access
  • Guest Surveys and Reservations
  • Database Management
  • Microsoft Office, Outlook, and Google Apps Integration
  • Social Media Integration
  • Enterprise Collaboration Tools
  • Integrated Report Builder
  • Single or Multi-Property Reporting

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