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– MedStar EZWorks Review

Product Snapshot


MedStar EZWorks is a licensed product and requires installation.

Customer Focus

Clinics, Physicians, Small Practices.

Select Customers

Miami Children’s Hospital, Mohsin Jaffer MD, Novoa and Boss, Reproductive Medicine and Genetics, CardioCare of South Florida, Milbauer M.D.

Customer Case Studies

HL7 Implementation

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About MedStar EzWorks

- MedStar EZWorksMedStar EzWorks helps small practices manage funds through an affordable system that offers detailed features such as appointment scheduling and encounter preparation to achieve practice automation in billing operations.

Through structuring its organization into four areas, MedStar has been able to provide products for a wide variety of medical specialties. MedStar has been rated number one in customer service and uses Microsoft, Java, and Oracle to run its software.

MedStar EzWorks Key Features

  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Patient Demographics
  • Insurance Information
  • Comprehensive Billing
  • Encounter Preparation
  • Claims Development
  • System Reports

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