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– Microsoft Lync Review

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Microsoft Lync is available as an on-premise, SaaS or hybrid solution. Mobile applications are also available.

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Microsoft works with companies of all sizes. Microsoft Lync is designed for enterprise organizations from a broad range of industries.

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Microsoft Lync

- Microsoft LyncMicrosoft Lync is a unified communications platform that delivers a connected experience to end users. Using this web conferencing solution, users have access to centralized contact information from which they can send an instant message, make a phone call or join a voice, video or web conference. Microsoft Lync puts a variety of communication methods at the user’s fingertips, and delivers a consistent, intuitive interface whether it’s accessed from a computer, mobile device or web browser. Additionally, Microsoft Lync integrates easily with SharePoint and Microsoft Office so that communication and collaboration can come from within an application.

About Microsoft
Microsoft Corporation is a veteran software company renowned for developing the ubiquitous Windows operating system and Microsoft Office suite of productivity tools. In 1980 Microsoft partnered with IBM to sell Microsoft software with newly manufactured IBM computers. Microsoft has expanded its reach beyond software to include hardware products like the Xbox gaming system and the Zune music player. The company’s Web presence revolves around the MSN portal and Bing search engine. Microsoft was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, and is headquartered in Redmond, Washington.

Microsoft Lync Key Features

IM and Presence
  • Presents detailed presence information that includes availability and willingness to communicate, location, status, and preferred contact method
  • Conversation management allows users to easily access information from past chat sessions
  • Ongoing group chats build on previous sessions

Audio/Video Conferencing

  • Escalate IM chats to multi-participant Web conferences
  • Share documents, desktops, and applications
  • Annotate and edit presentations and documents in real time, and use whiteboard functionality
  • Create impromptu meetings with one click and send out invites through Outlook
  • Seamlessly transition from voice to high definition video
  • Record meetings and play them back
  • Intelligent call interface lets users know who’s talking and who’s making background noise, so they can be muted

Enterprise Voice

  • Offers complete telephony capabilities integrated with rich presence, instant messaging (IM), and ad hoc collaboration and online meetings
  • Supports call answer, hold, resume, transfer, forward, and divert
  • Use your computer or desktop IP phone as your primary business phone, and can extend business calls to mobile devices

Office Integration

  • Communicate with context from Sharepoint, Exchange, and Office applications
  • Initiate a co-authoring session of a document through contacts list

Mobile Apps

  • Compatible with a wide variety of mobile devices

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